Love every day as if it were your last....
Too soon, it is

Views from my wheelchair
"Are we there yet?"

"They're not just Photos, they're Memories"
Our great thanks to Jimmy and Julie Hantzarides,
without them I would not be able to leave home
and enjoy a bit of freedom

Jimmy Hantzarides

Rest in Peace, My Son

Day Trippin'
At The Grove Dec. 2003

Old style gas station circa 1940
This is what gas stations looked like in the good ol' days
when you could actually have someone pump your gas, check your oil and clean your windshield.

Gilmore Oil Co. logo
Old style gas pumps

A stroll down the street to the plaza and the 115 foot Christmas tree.
Watch Santa as he flys by

View of Main Street

Poinsettia tree

"Here comes Santa Claus"

Santa's Sleigh

Riverside,CA May 5, 2004
Mission Inn
We enjoyed a delightful overnight stay.
Thank you, Jimmy and Julie!

Entrance, Mission Inn

View from our room

Our rooms upstairs

Rear of Inn

St. Francis Chapel entrance

Chapel Patio

Chapel patio view 2

Courtyard clock

On our way to San Louis Obispo,we stopped for a picnic
in the park in front of the Mission. This was our view.

Fountain & Bell tower
@Ventura Mission 2004

The Mission Bell Tower

The Mission's Patio

Statue of St Francis

Padre Serra

We went to the Madonna Inn
Sept. 2004

The restaurant
Hilltop Rooms

After a leisurely dinner

we retired to our rooms.
The Jungle Room

Toots' & Jimmy's Room
The Rose Room

Our room

The following morning

Toots after breakfast

A trip to the Gift Show

A view of Downtown L.A. from the Convention Center

A Trip to Los Olivos
Jimmy and Julie take Dixie and me on our 50th anniversary trip May 2005
a delightful trip
My Ladies

Fess Parker Inn

Inn sign

Fess' Poodle "Tuxedo"

Our room

another view

Anniversary corsage & boutonniere

Jimmy & Julies room

Neat arbor across street

Lone horsey

Really, it's a bank!

Then we're off to Mission Santa Ynez

The Mission

Mission campanile

Enter the Mission

Another entrance

Padre Serra

Mission Rosegarden

Next it's Solvang

Solvang clock

A quick trip to Downtown Disney
Jimmy and Julie take momcicle and me for a jaunt (June '05)

A temple?
Nope, it's the RainForest restaurant!

A very large parrot
Here's looking at you,kid

We went to the Disney Store

The castle in a globe

Rockin' out!

Have an apple, my dear
Poor Tink!

Ursula, aka" Maybelline Goodbody"
Hang on, Goofy!

Yo, ho, ho!

Sorcerer's Hat


Jimmy, Julie Dixie and I visit to see Christmas decorations ( Jan '06 )
Mission Inn Riverside

Riverside nutcracker left
Nutcracker at Mission Inn (Jan '06 )
  Riverside nutcracker right
His partner

Drummer boy
Drummer boy at entrance
"Train and drummers at Inn entrance

Outdoor restaurant (Las Campanas )

We enjoyed a nice lunch

Jimmy, Julie, Dixie and I visit to see Christmas decorations ( Nov '07 )
Mission Inn Riverside

Nutcracker at entrance
"Flying reindeer at Inn entrance

Rear of Inn
Lights in trees

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