"It's 5 O'clock Somewhere"

Looking for town clocks
Most towns have a clock, usually near the center of town
Here are some I have found

How's this for fancy?
Riverside clockface
Riverside clockface

Downtown, Alhambra
My hometown

Found by DD# 1, in Carmel, CA.

Mission Inn courtyard clock

A day in Montrose

Old Town LaVerne,CA.
San Gabriel,CA. town clock

Christmas '04 in Monrovia,CA.
 Riverside clock
Riverside town clock
Main St. Mall

Duarte clock...Huntington Drive

Solvang clock

Solvang closeup

At Anaheim Convention Center

Los Olivos town clock

So. Pasadena clock Mission @ Marengo
S. Pas clock face

Margarita time

The time in Rialto

Not a town clock, but interested me anyway

Clock at a 50's diner in Alhambra

DD#1 sent me a photo 'cause she knows I collect these for my web page

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