As I roam hither and yon, I am ever on the search for homes from a bygone era.
Here are a few examples that caught my eye.

  Once upon a long ago when homes were meant to be more than just houses,craftsmen created charming residences that reflected the era and personality of the owners. Unlike the cookie cutter method used by today's builders where there is no individuality and all houses look alike.
In viewing yesterday's homes one can only wonder about the people who once inhabited these dwellings; what did they do for a living and how did they come to choose these particular locations?
Do their decendants ever ponder about their antecedants,and do they even know that these structures exist? If these walls could only talk, what stories might they tell,what history have they experienced? We can only imagine.

So. Pasadena
Just next door
Decorative mail boxes

In Los Olivos

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